Mission Statement and Bylaws

Mission Statement

Daar ul-Gharib is a Queer, femme and non-binary focused mosque with an emphasis on disabled and other marginalized persons. We provide religious and spiritual services, with special care and focus on those who otherwise do not have access to or would not feel welcomed using other masajid and community spaces. 

The specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall be: 

a. to provide a safe, accepting, and understanding religious community for LGBT+ and other Queer-aligning Muslims.

 b. to provide an understanding and supportive prayer space with an emphasis on those who are of marginalized genders (including, but not limited to, Transgender, non-binary, Two Spirit, and women). 

c. to provide an accommodating and understanding prayer space for those who are disabled; physically, mentally, or both.

d. to provide daily, weekly, and holiday prayers for the above. 

e. to collect and distribute charity to those in need. This will be distributed regardless of one’s identity as Queer (as Queer identities are often excluded from this great mercy in other communities, astaghfirullah adheem). 

f. to offer community services such as Nikkah services, Salatul Janaza, community iftars, classes, game/movie night, and more.