Code of Conduct

for proper use of the virtual masjid space

• Blocking: Blocking Masjid leaders is a bannable offense. This is because we do our best to try & mediate situations, but if you block us, this is impossible.

• Be kind: If someone is unkind please reach out to @Sheikha Sajida, @Ustadah Ezra, other Leadership, or use the tags @alimah, @mourchid(ah), and/or @Moderator. We will do our best to mediate the situation.

• Keep venting in vent-chat-and-pie-🥧: This channel exists to allow people to avoid negativity. Anything which could be considered venting or upsetting, please contain it here. Warnings will be given if needed.

• Spoiler text: Please see the policy on trigger/content warnings below

• While everyone is welcome to answer questions and give opinions, defer to/respect the @alimah, especially in the islamic-questions-advice channel. Leadership with this tag have their titles because they have a background in formal religious education. If you decide to answer a question, remember to include authentic reasonings and cite Islamic sources, such as hadith and Qu'ran, to prevent the spread of misinformation.

• Please do not demand money from members. While we do have the sadaqah channel to ask for charity, demanding money isn’t appropriate and can also get the masjid into legal trouble.

• Male/Masc members are not permitted to privately message female/femme members without permission. The only exception is when contacting Leadership about an issue regarding the masjid.

• Account sharing is NOT allowed (minus Systems). It is a MAJOR privacy and security concern. Violators will lose temporary access to certain channels for safety. If you have ANY issues, please reach out to @Sheikha Sajida, @Ustadah Ezra, @Charlie, @Lia, or @Layla, even if they don’t fall under this list. We do our best to keep this a safe space and we want to know if you ever feel uncomfortable for any reason.

Policy on Trigger/Content Warnings

Trigger/content warnings are vital to keeping the masjid a safe space. Many members of this masjid have trauma or other reasons for not wanting to be exposed to various topics. We ask that members censor certain topics, while also giving a trigger/content warning at the top of the message so others can avoid things that make them uncomfortable. As a general rule, most things which are censored belong in vent chat (which people can also mute for avoidance), but we know that one-off mentions in conversations do happen.

How to censor In order to censor, you type two “|” before and after what you wish to censor: ||example||

Ex. of this in use: “Cw// weight Man I gained 20 lbs in quarantine I’m really struggling with this.”

Things to censor (this is not an exhaustive list; if you need something specific added, talk to leadership):

• Cuss words

• Disordered eating

• Gore

• Any “isms” or “phobic” topics (racism, homophobia, etc)

• Sexual acts/assault

• Kink and related topics

• Abuse

• Sex work

• Distressing current events

• Self harm/suicide/extreme mental health topics in general

• Abortion/miscarriage

• Child death/death in general

• Intoxicants

If you have any questions, please reach out to members of @alimah, @mourchid(ah), or @Moderator roles or email us at